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Pam Collection, Bourbon Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap for Panerai, Beige Stitch.


This distinguished Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap from the prestigious PAM collection particulary made for Panerai watches. It features rare shell cordovan leather prized for its fine grain and lustrous finish. It's polished to a smooth silky sheen retaining some grain, which delivers exceptional durability when worn, allowing its tones to develop beautifully over time. Conditioned to supple softness by PAM's masters, the shell cordovan and its lining of supple fish-oiled Italian calfskin adapt luxuriously to any wrist. Meticulous craftsmanship pairs these fine leathers, seen in the precise stitching and 2.0mm pin holes, and balanced 4mm buckle tongue which securely fastens the strap with flawless fit and symmetry to Panerai timepieces. This storied strap exemplifies PAM's revered blending of exclusive materials like shell cordovan and Italian calfskin with skilled artistry to elevate watches with distinguished elegance and enduring comfort for discerning wearers.

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Item no. : 24P22PRG01C1C106
Brand / Collection: MiLTAT
Lug width: 24mm
Buckle size: 22mm
Buckle Include: Yes
Buckle type / Finish: Polished 316L Stainless Steel Screw-in Buckle
Overall Length (not including buckle): 120mm + 80mm
Thickness approx.: 5.50 to 3.50mm
Spring bar hole dia.: 2.0mm
Design to fit : Watches with 24mm lug width
Material: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan
Color / Finish: Bourbon Brown
Stitches color : Beige
Lining material: Fish oil tanned Italian calf leather

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