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Revenge End Link Black Leather for RX, Green St.

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"Revenge End Link" - Precision cast stainless steel end link tailor-made for 20mm lug size, 16mm clasp specific RX O Boyer collection watch models. The manufacturing of "Revenge End Link" (NEP2 - made in Singapore) is very close to the original RX end link. Hence the mechanical property is almost the same, except the material is made of 316L instead of 914L. In other words the softer 316L is not abrasive to the case.

"Revenge End Link" leather collection, a combination of "Revenge End Link" and sewn in Italian pull up vegetable tanned leather. This "Revenge End Link" not just filled up the embarrassing hollow space (lug) between case & leather strap but also create a perfect transition from RX case to leather strap. The collection was tapered to 16mm RX buckle size and was designed to fit on the last link (or any screw fixed links) of the RX Clasp on one side & adjustable screw fixed RX links on the other side. Therefore, there are no limitations to the overall length of the final watch strap as you can add numbers of RX links to it to extend the length you want. This is an innovative design to give your RX an option of smart casual style and looks different than others.

Item no. : 20H16ZZ00C1A52-XX
Brand Name: MiLTAT
Lug width: 20mm
Buckle size: 16mm
Buckle Include: No
Buckle type / Finish: ( This watch strap is designed to be used with specific original RX O Boyer collection watch band links & diver clasps)
Overall Length: Please refer to options provided
Thickness Approx.: 4.0mm - 3.0mm
Spring bar hole dia.: 2.0mm (For DAYT model, please use spring bars included in this item. Other models, please use your own original RX spring bars)
Design to fit :
Compatible RX models :

DAYT models
: 116250 , 116253 , 116258
EXP II model : 16570
GMT-Master I model : 16700
GMT-Master II models : 16760 , 116710 , 116713 , 116718
SUB models : 16610 , 16613 , 16618 , 16800 , 16803 , 16808 , 114060 , 116613 , 116618 , 116610LV , 116619LB , 16610LV
Material: Cast stainless steel end link + Genuine Italian pull up vegetable tanned calf leather
Color / Finish: Brushed/Polished End Link , Matte Black leather
Stitches color : Military Green Hand Stitching Waxed Thread
Lining material: Genuine Italian pull up vegetable tanned calf leather
Lining material:
Tool: 1mm Germany screwdriver was Included
3 Length options : A (small), B (medium), C (large)
Our lengths stand for RX bracelet the length of
A = 3 links
B = 4 links
C = 5 links

Select the suitable length by counting how many "links" you are using right now. In the case you have a bigger wrist than 5 links, simply add the outstanding length by adding "links" from your RX bracelet.

Highly recommend to connecting the shorter strap to the 6 o'clock position & the longer part in the 12 o'clock, this should be the same as what you are wearing your RX bracelet comfortably right now.

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