Taikonaut watch band

20mm Milanese Thick Mesh Band, SUB Clasp

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Item number: DB202005B002-XX
Brand Name: Mesh Band
Lug width: 20mm
Buckle size: 20mm
Buckle Include: Yes
Buckle type / Finish: 316L Stainless Steel Solid SUB Diver Clasp, with Push Button
Thickness: 4.3mm (mesh)
Spring bar hole dia.: 1.78 (not included)
Design to fit: All watches with 20mm lug width
Material: 316L Stainless Steel, 1.2 Wire Mesh
Color / Finish: Brushed
Net Weight : 85g
Lug end style : Straight End
Adjustment type : 6 micro hole type adjustment

Important! Please use correct mesh band length!
Option AA Length (bending): max.155mm, min.140mm
Option AB Length (bending): max.170mm, min.155mm
Option BB Length (bending): max.184mm, min.169mm

Tips 1-Calculation the length of meshband you required:
The Bending Length of meshband you required = Your wrist size - Your watch's spring bars distance
(P.S. The Bending Length means the arc length of meshband when it is bending. On the other hand, Lying Length is measured when lying straightly.)

Tips 2-Find another length version of our mesh band:
Currently we do not list item in options on Amazon Channel. Please visit our Storefront to find different length meshband. Usually, our product SKU Suffix is AA, AB, BB and so on, which stand for different length version.

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