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Massy Mesh Band, Button Chamfer, Brushed

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Mesh Band is a great hit in the watch band history and it is everlasting. One of the hot picks is the solid endlink heavy mesh which has an outstanding beefy appearance. Massy Mesh Band is a breakthrough in the traditional heavy mesh watch band. The major problem of a traditional heavy mesh band is ?¡±no application on length adjustment??. By inputting adjustable links with nearly invisible details, you can adjust the length as you desired. This detail requires highly elaborate techniques and calculations that take over a year to complete. Now, you can adjust the length with a simple screwdriver to fit the ideal wrist length. Secured with newly modified Button Chamfer diver's clasp, solid 316L stainless steel sturdy buckle with push button have flexible fine-tune length adjustment up to 6 micro holes.

Item number: MC221819B002B-XX
Brand Name: Massy Mesh Band
Lug width: 20mm or 22mm
Buckle size: 18mm
Buckle Include: Yes
Buckle type / Finish: 316L solid stainless steel Button Chamfer Edge Diver Clasp (with push button addon) / Brushed
Overall Length: 165mm
Thickness: 4.0mm
Spring bar & hole dia.: 1.78mm (not included)
Design to fit : All watches with 20mm or 22mm lug width
Material: 316L Stainless Steel, 1.2 Wire Mesh
Color / Finish: Brushed
Net Weight : 77g
Lug end style: Straight End
Adjustment type: 6 micro holes + 6 removable links (total 35mm)

Lookbook demo watches: Vintage RX 2 Tone GMT-M 1675 Root Beer Nipple Dial

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