Taikonaut watch band

22mm Super Engineer II for Seiko 6309

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Lug width : 22mm?
Buckle (mm) : 20mm?
Overall Length (mm) : 180mm?
Thickness (mm) : 4.6mm?
Spring bar hole dia. (mm) : 2.5mm (Spring Bar included)?
Design to fit : SEIKO Diver 6309-7040?
Material : 316L Solid Stainless Steel?
Lug end style : Curved End?
Adjustment type : Screw fixed Link + 3 Mirco hole type adjustment

Please Readme before purchase: Vintage Seiko 6105 models production started in 1976. Seiko 6309-7040 and 6309-7049 both are successors of 6105. The 6309 watch cases have been produced in two (or more) different styles. The case had been slightly changed from big cushion cases into later stage slimmed down version. Therefore, each style may have very little different from each other, such as spring-bar-tip-hole diameter and the hole-to-case-edge distance. Our 6309 replacement bracelets have been tested can fit in a few 6309 models during production period however it may not fit all other 6309 models.

Suggestion: Our 6039 replacement bracelet comes with a pair of Dia. 2.5mm Fat spring bars. If your 6309 cannot fit in our replacement band, please try to change spring bars with diameter less than 2.5mm, eg. 2.0mm or 1.78mm (your original spring bars). Changing spring bars can help to grab spring-bar-tip-hole more easily for a successful installation. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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