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Japan made Elegant Spring Bar Watch Band Tool, Silver

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Basic tool for changing watch straps and watch bands. This Japan made high-quality spring bar tool is specially designed for high accuracy applications. An elegant cut knurled handle provides extra gripping strength. 1.0mm fork and 0.8mm push pin. It is a perfect tool to use for installing and removing spring bar on/off watch bands or watch straps.

UPGRADE your Spring Bar TOOL

Options for the FORKS replacement:
• 1.4mm Changeable Curved CUT Forks
• 1.0mm Changeable Curved CUT Forks

Changeable Curved CUT Fork for you to upgrade your MiLTAT's Japan made Elegant Spring Bar Watch Band Tool. This Cut-out tip was cut in a round shape, super tiny and precise. It allows you to grab the spring bar easily, uninstall and install watch bands.

Item no. : NT-SBT-013M

Overall size : 140mm x Dia. 10.8mm
Color / Finish : Silver
Material : Anodized Aluminum
Net Weight : 20g
Remarks : Tool with 2 heads : 1.0mm fork and 0.8mm push pin. (Changable Steel fork)

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