Taikonaut watch band

NATO James Bond Black & Red


G10 Nato James Bond Watch Strap also named as "Bond Strap". This is the same style of strips pattern watch band worn by James Bond on a RX SUB (portrayed by Sean Connery). Nato James Bond Strap looks great on any military or military style watches. This NATO strap is made from straight woven thread nylon. 316L High Quality Stainless Steel buckle and loop keeper ensures a good tight fit and rust resistant. The edges and holes of the NATO straps are ultrasonic welded to ensure that it is free from frills and rough sharp edges.

Measuring : 280mm (11 Inches) in length
Wrist size : Approximately 150mm (6 inch) to 230mm (9inch)
Lug size : 18,19,20,22,24mm
Material : Nylon
Thickness : 1.0mm
Keeper : Heavy duty 316L Polished/Brushed stainless steel
Buckle : Heavy duty 316L Polished/Brushed stainless steel
Color : Double black & red strips
SKU Overview:
NATOUS-J03-18B - Finish/Size: Brushed/18mm
NATOUS-J03-18P - Finish/Size: Polished/18mm
NATOUS-J03-19B - Finish/Size: Brushed/19mm
NATOUS-J03-19P - Finish/Size: Polished/19mm
NATOUS-J03-20B - Finish/Size: Brushed/20mm
NATOUS-J03-20P - Finish/Size: Polished/20mm
NATOUS-J03-22B - Finish/Size: Brushed/22mm
NATOUS-J03-22P - Finish/Size: Polished/22mm
NATOUS-J03-24B - Finish/Size: Brushed/24mm
NATOUS-J03-24P - Finish/Size: Polished/24mm

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