Q.R. One-piece Italian Handmade Length Calculator (V-Clasp)

V-Clasp with One-piece Italian Handmade Watch Band


Wrist Circumference (mm)
Watch Case Size (mm) *(Spring bar to spring bar, learn more)
*Recommended length range


Utmost importance - Pick the correct length

The length adjustments can be made only through the buckle holes and they cannot be cut, therefore it is of utmost importance to pick the correct length when you are buying one of these for yourself.   This simple tutorial will explain which measures you need to take to determine your best length choice. To find the proper length of the one-piece strap for you, you need to:
  1. Measure your wrist circumference
  2. Measure your watch case size (the length between two spring bars)
  3. Enter them in our Check Your Size > Length Calculator to get correct one-piece length for you
Here's how.

1. How to measure your wrist circumference

To measure your wrist circumference, you can use a measuring tape or any bending material, for example, an USB cable. Simply wrap it around your wrist and write down your wrist circumference in millimeters.

Step 1: Measure just below the wrist bone, Not tight, not loose, just snug
(below the wrist bone is the area between your hand and the wrist bone).

Step 2: Mark the USB cable here
(or use a rope/ strap).

Step 3: Note this is your wrist circumference, enter this figure in “mm” to Length Calculator above

2. How to measure your Watch case size

Use a flat ruler to measure the straight distance between spring bar hole to spring bar hole as shown in “mm”. Note this is your wrist Watch case size, enter this figure to Length Calculator.

3. Click "GO BACK" to select the suggested length