Taikonaut watch band

20mm PVD Black Stainless Steel Push Button Diver Clasp for Watch Band


This diver's style clasp is made from solid 316L stainless steel with double lock to ensure secure closure. Hi-End PVD coating has been applied, best paired with all kinds of black watches.

Item no. : NT-CLASP20-004BBK
Buckle size: 20mm (Strap Buckle size)
Buckle type: Diver Clasp
Thickness: compatible to watch band thickness approx. 4-5mm
Overall Size: 34mm x 24mm x 7.6mm thick
Material: Stainless Steel (Top Quality 316L)
Color / Finish: PVD Black
Net Weight : approx. 20g
Remark : Design to fit 18mm Buckle End Metal, Mesh and Silicone Watch Strap in thickness approx. 3.5mm (max. 4.0mm)
Adjustment type: 4 micro holes (15mm) for flexible fine tune length adjustment

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