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Cuboid Clasp Tri-Fold Brushed Watch Band Buckle


Cuboid Clasp Tri-Fold watch buckle is a premium-class watch buckle with superfine grinding shaping the contour of the clasp in particular angular edges. This watch buckle was in close tolerance machining of stainless steel with cosmetic finishes. The tri-fold clasp uses a mechanism that unfolds into thirds, allowing you to get your wrist inside the watch band comfortably. Cuboid Clasp with push-button was made from solid 316L stainless steel with four micro holes for more flexible length adjustment. A fine-tuned finger groove design provides a better grabbing when in use. Cuboid Clasp is an ideal watch clasp for watch bands of thickness approximates 4.0 - 5.0mm and is an excellent match for popular sports watches.

Item no. : NT-CLASP16-022B
Buckle size: 16mm (Strap Buckle size)
Buckle type: 316L stainless steel, 4 adjustment holes and Double-Locks Button Diver Clasp
Thickness: Suitable for Strap thickness approx. 4-5mm
Overall Size : : Approx. 42mm x 19mm x 7.2mm thick
Material: Stainless Steel (Top Quality 316L)
Color / Finish: Brushed
Net Weight : approx. 29g
Adjustment type: 4 micro holes (10mm) for flexible fine-tune length adjustment
Remarks: Designed to fit 16mm Buckle Mesh, Metal or Silicone Watch Strap in thickness approx. 4 - 5mm

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