Taikonaut watch band

20mm Nylon Strap Keeper, a set of 4 Color


Watch gadget - watch strap keepers are made of ribbed nylon, a set of 4 color palettes: navy, grey, orange and military green. These are sturdy weaves webbing ribbed nylon watch straps keeper, is a good option floating keeper to secure overlapped watch band thickness 4.5mm or less.

Item no. : NT-N9-KEEPER_20-02-4SET
Brand : MiLTAT

Overall size : capacity : width 20mm, overlapped watch band thickness max. 4.5mm
Color / Finish : Navy, Grey, Orange and Military Green
Material : Premium Ribbed Nylon
Design to fit : 20mm width watch band (watch band overall thickness less than 4.5mm)

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