Taikonaut watch band

Black Calf BUND Pad, Grey Wax Stitch


The BUND pad, previously known as the military BUND, was originally utilized by soldiers to prevent skin sensitivity resulting from direct contact with their watch. Nowadays, it serves as a stylish accessory that secures the watch firmly on the wrist. This particular BUND pad is crafted entirely by hand using high-quality, light-shene Italian leather, specifically Aniline calfskin. This type of leather is dyed with soluble dyes, allowing the natural grain and texture of the leather to remain visible. The leather itself is exceptionally supple and soft to the touch. The pad is stitched using waxed thread to enhance its durability. It is designed to be paired with either 20mm with a maximum thickness of 2.5mm; or 22mm lug watch bands a maximum thickness of 3.0mm.

Item no. : PAD-RO03IC1A05 / PAD-RO03IC1A06
Brand Name: MiLTAT
Lug width: max. 20mm or 22mm
Overall Length: W 90 x W 50mm or 53mm
Thickness: Approx 2.1mm
Design to fit : 20mm or 22mm lug width watch strap
Material: Genuine Calf
Color / Finish: Black
Stitches color : Grey
Lining material: Genuine Calf

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