Taikonaut watch band

Mini Pocket Vernier Caliper Watch Measuring Tool


This mini pocket size sliding Vernier Caliper Ruler is used to measure internal and external dimensions and distances, instant measurement helper both on lug size and the thickness of watch band. Precision measuring instrument for delicate items - an essential tool for watch lovers.
How to read the exact scale:
This caliper has a main scale (top =1mm interval) and a vernier scale (bottom reflective = 0.1mm). Combined and read the two together to find the measurement expression down to 0.1 decimal place. Read where the bottom Vernier scale is when the bottom baton is 100% vertically aligned with the major scale. From the demo image, the top main scale is 20 while the bottom baton vertically aligned is 0, so the actual reading is 20.0mm.

Item no. : NT-TL-032A
Brand : MiLTAT
Material : Polycarbonate Resin
Color / Finish : BLACK
Overall size : 114 x 40 x 5.6mm
Measure Range : 0.1~70mm
Min. Unit : 0.1mm
Net Weight : 6g

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