Taikonaut watch band

The H.45 Calibre Coasters by HAVESTON Straps


An original Haveston product design: Designed to capture the horological artistry of an exhibition case-back, the Cal. H45 Coaster displays detailed watch movement design in silicone for your tabletop. The manually wound mechanical movement remains a marvel of micro-engineering that has endured through time and space through its many forms. Perfect for those who peer at their wrist, but don't check the time, the Cal. H45 Coaster is available in a set of 3 to serve as a soft valet placemat to rest your favorite timepiece or as a base to relax a beverage.

Item no. : NT-CR-035
Material : Silicone
Color / Finish : Calibre pattern coaster x 3
Overall size : Dia. 90mm, Thickness ~ 3.5mm
Net Weight :Net weight 96g, each ~ 32g

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