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The Chronograph Service Dial Coasters Set-C by HAVESTON Straps


The Service Dial Coaster Series features a selection of the most iconic vintage military dial designs which have been documented and revered by watch collectors for their history, aesthetic and service.?An original Haveston design: Constructed from detailed heat resistant silicone, each coaster closely conveys the character of its namesake design, and serves perfectly as a soft valet placement on which to rest your timepiece, or as a base to relax your beverage.

Item no. : NT-CR-057
Material :Silicone
Color / Finish : 4 in the set :
  • 09-C: "Fab Four" 924-330, Dial Coaster - 1973
  • 10-C: A-7 Aerial Navigation, Dial Coaster - 1935
  • 11-C: Trench, Dial Coaster - 1918
  • 12-C: Airforce Tri-Compax, Dial Coaster - 1944

Overall size :Dia. 90mm, Thickness 4.0mm
Net Weight :Net weight 96g, each ~ 24g

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