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Swiss Bergeon 6767-F spring bar tool

Swiss Bergeon 6767-F spring bar tool

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Swiss Bergeon 6767-F spring bar tool is an exceptionally well-made spring bar tool. Its design is specifically tailored for removing spring bars from both metal and leather watch bands, with a forked end that excels at opening spring bars and a pointed end perfectly suited for compressing shouldered spring bars from the lug holes. This tool's well-balanced weight, easy grab handle knurls, and appropriate size make it effortlessly suitable for delicate watch band adjustments and clasp repairs. Additionally, the removable tips, each with identical threading, allow for quick and easy replacement whenever needed.

Item no. : NT-SBT-061
Brand : Bergeon
Overall size : 145mm x Dia. 7mm
Color / Finish : Stainless Steel
Material : Stainless Steel / tip ends in hardened steel
Net Weight : 27g
Remarks : 0.80mm opened fork and 1.20mm push pin

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