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Swiss Bergeon 6899 Ergonomic Screwdriver with Slotted Blade, 1.40 or 1.60


The Swiss Bergeon 6899 Ergonomic Screwdriver with a slotted blade is a durable watchmaking tool with a color swivel hex head for easy identification, a rubber knurled grip shaft for a secure hold, and interchangeable screwdriver blades that are simple to replace using the set screw. It's perfect for both watchmaking professionals and home use.

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Item no. : NT-SD-062-140 or NT-SD-062-160
Brand : Bergeon
Overall size : 95mm x Dia. 5.5mm
Color / Finish : Stainless Steel + Black (Purple cap 1.6mm / Grey cap 1.4mm)
Material : Stainless Steel / rubber
Remarks : Options : 1.40mm or 1.60mm

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