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Bergeon 6789-N Watchmakers Measuring Gauge for Wrist


The Bergeon 6789 Watch Band Measuring Gauge for Wrist is a practical tool designed for watch enthusiasts and professionals. This flexible gauge enables you to measure watch bands to predict your wrist circumference. Its user-friendly design and clear markings allow for convenient and straightforward measurements in both millimeters and inches. Whether you're a watch collector, jeweler, or someone who values well-fitted timepieces, the Bergeon 6789 Watch Band Measuring Gauge for Wrist is an essential tool for achieving the perfect fit for your watch bands.
  • Swiss made for precision.
  • Easy to use and accurate measurements.
  • Constructed with resistant synthetic material.
  • Fits wrist effortlessly.
  • Graduated in mm and inches.

Item no. : NT-TL-063
Brand : Bergeon
Overall size : 33.5 x 40 (20) mm
Color / Finish : Black with white scale
Material : Resistant synthetic material.
Measurement Range : 100 - 235mm / 4 - 10 .1/4 inch

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