Taikonaut watch band

Rubber Watch Strap Keeper in 20mm or 22mm, 4 pcs, Black and Grey


Watch gadget - watch strap loops are made of rubber comes in two colors: black and grey, two pieces in each color. This durable 20mm or 22mm rubber watch strap replacement retaining hoop loop keeper fits size 20mm or 22mm with overall thickness is 5mm or less. NBR rubber has superior strength and more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids. Material has met the RoHS requirements and rarely causes a severe allergic reaction. The asymmetrical design has created an outstanding uniqueness, rubber watch band strap keeper is an ideal watch part for rubber straps or leather watch bands.

Item no. : NT-RU-KEEPER_01AH
Brand : MiLTAT
20mm ver. Overall size : 6mm x 24mm x 8mm, 9mm thick
22mm ver. Overall size : 6mm x 26mm x 8mm, 9mm thick
Color / Finish : Black - 2 pcs and Grey - 2 pcs
Material : NBR Rubber
Design to fit : 20mm or 22mm width watch band (watch band overall thickness less than 5.0mm)

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